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Biotor plus®

Brand Name:

Biotor plus ®


5/10mg & 5/20 mg

Generic Name:

Amlodipine / Atorvastatin

Pharmacotherapeutic Group:

Antihypertensive/ Cholesterol lowering agent

Therapeutic Indication:

Amlodipine / Atorvastatin: Biotor plus is a combination of two drugs, Amlodipine (antihypertensive/antianginal agent) and an Atorvastatin (cholesterol lowering agent)  and is indicated in patients for whom treatment with both Amlodipine and Atorvastatin is appropriate

Dosage and Administration:

Base on patient condition the recommended dosage for Amlodipin is 2.5-10 mg per day and for Atorvastatin is 10-80 mg per day. 

Side Effects:

Side effects of Amlodipine may include: Dizziness, fatigue, flushing, fluid retention and swelling, headache, palpitations (fluttery or throbbing heartbeat)
Side effects of Atorvastatin may include:Abdominal pain, constipation, gas, indigestion 

Biotor plus

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